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Sunmaker Casino

Sunmaker casino wurde zurück 2004 gestartet und wird durch die Insel des Mannes lizenziert, der Aufsicht-Kommission Setzt. Umfassend renoviert, wurde Sunmaker Kasino 2011 wieder eingeführt und kommt abgeschlossen mit mehreren Verbesserungen einschließlich seines ausgezeichneten Gebiets der wichtigen Persönlichkeit.

SwC Poker: #1 Bitcoin Poker Site

SwC Poker is the largest Bitcoin online poker site in the world.

Caesars Casino email

As you are planning your next visit to one of Caesars Entertainment’s properties in North America, we anticipate that you may have questions about the company’s efforts to manage Coronavirus (COVID-19). Every day, we closely monitor and analyze developments and statements from local, national and international health agencies, and we are taking actions to comply with their directives which are based on facts and medical science.
There is no issue more important to us than making sure we manage this situation as effectively as possible so you continue to feel confident visiting us. We have appointed a senior management team who meet daily to make decisions on how we can further improve our programs and actions to help protect guests and employees. The health authorities tell us that, to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, we must: wash hands frequently, heighten cleaning practices, avoid contact with sick people, stay away from work when ill and not travel to areas with high infection rates. All our actions are focused in these areas.
Here’s where we are at this time:
We are reminding employees through multiple channels about washing hands often. We are talking to them about it, posting signage in key employee areas, and providing additional hand sanitizer dispensers as well. For guests, we are posting hand-washing signage in public areas (e.g., bathrooms) and providing more hand sanitizer dispensers across our properties in high visibility and high traffic areas. We are also increasing our reserves of hand sanitizers for use by our guests and employees over an extended period. We are buying more cleaning and disinfectant supplies. We are increasing the frequency of cleaning high-touch surfaces in public areas in our casinos/resorts, including restaurants, bars, spas, fitness centers, public restrooms, hotel rooms, elevators, as well as frequently touched areas on the casino floor. We are reinforcing training procedures to ensure cleaning processes are implemented properly by our employees. We have suspended international business travel to areas with higher infection rates. And, if any of our employees travel to those areas for personal reasons, they will be required to stay home for three weeks upon their return. If an employee appears to be suffering from flu-like symptoms, they will be asked to promptly seek medical attention and to remain at home until they are free of symptoms. We are encouraging guests who are ill to seek medical attention and to avoid public exposure as much as possible. We have also established protocols to help guests get the medical attention they may need. We are using sanitizing procedures in hotel rooms where guests who become ill are staying. We appreciate your business and loyalty to Caesars. We are committed to implementing recommendations from the health authorities to give you peace of mind as you visit our properties now and in the future. The health and safety of our guests and employees will always be our most important consideration, especially in these challenging circumstances.
We look forward to seeing you soon.
Tony Rodio CEO
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Casino spam emails

Hello! I'm wondering if someone has some tips on how to stop getting "your unclaimed b_o_n_u_s is waiting!" Emails.
I honestly don't even remember signing up for anything like this, I dont even use online gambling websites. These are casino emails, quatro casino, mega moolah blah blah.
Everyday I receive at least three emails with a variation of the above subject, they have an unsubscribe button in the body of the email, but it is connected to the image so it isnt really a separate button.
I have emailed them directly to remove me from the list, and have blocked the emails coming in...though it seems they just change a couple letters and throw a new domain in there and I get them again.
Its super frustrating, not causing any direct damage or anything but extremely annoying.
Any tips on how to eliminate these emails?
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Modern tips in 2020 to help you quit online gambling.

Some background - I am a recovering gambling addict from the UK, so some of the stuff I will write may be a bit UK specific, but the general theme will apply to most countries.
If there are similar alternatives in your country - comment them below - it could help others out a lot.
Everything I write about below is 100% free.
  1. A recent tool some bank apps in the UK have added is the ability to block all gambling deposits from your card. Turn this setting on. If you then try to disable it, it will take several days for it to actually kick in. This way, you can't just undo it when you get the urge to gamble. If your bank doesn't offer this, IT'S TIME TO CHANGE TO A BANK THAT DOES, AND THEN CLOSE YOUR CURRENT ONE. Banks I'm aware of which offer this are: Monzo, HSBC - I'm sure there's many others.
  2. GAMSTOP is a free gambling blocking service in the UK that when you register with it, betting companies operating in the UK must check with this service to see if you have registered a self-block. If the betting companies detect you have registered, they must not let you register with them/continue using their service. GAMSTOP can take upto 72 hrs to kick in once you have registered. Do it now. https://www.gamstop.co.uk/
  3. Permanently exclude yourself from any betting site you already have an account with. GAMSTOP should hopefully do this for you - but regardless, log in to any betting sites you are registered with and go to Responsible gambling > exclusion, and permanently exclude yourself. One thing I used to be concerned with about this was - if I have a pending withdrawal and I do this, what happens? The answer is - your withdrawal will still be processed, you do not need to worry. Do it, and never look back.

  1. Twitter allows you to mute certain words - so any post containing such words that would normally appear in your feed - will now become completely invisible. I had a lot of accounts I follow retweeting betting adverts or just talking about betting in general, and now I no longer see anything remotely like this. To do this, go to Settings > Content Preferences > Muted > Muted Words. I added words: bet, accumulator, casino, odds. Other social networks may offer similar features, but I only use twitter.
  2. Block betting email adverts from getting to your inbox. GMAIL allows you to filtecatch certain words from incoming emails - and if it picks a match up - those emails will be dumped straight into your spam folder. I cannot remember the last time I had a casino email arrive in my inbox since I set this up. To do this in GMAIL - Click the Gear icon in the top right, go to Filters and Blocked Addresses, Create new filter, then in 'Has the words' field - enter your words. E.g casino, bet etc.
  3. Get a free AD BLOCK tool. On my PC, I use google chrome for internet. I have the chrome extension ADBLOCK. This automatically blocks adverts on things like Google search, YouTube, Twitter etc. I barely see adverts at all anymore - and most importantly, any betting adverts. If you've never installed an extension before, don't worry, it literally takes a few seconds. If you use firefox or another browser, google ad block for x, there are alternatives for there too. For chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/adblock-%E2%80%94-best-ad-blockegighmmpiobklfepjocnamgkkbiglidom

I quit gambling a few years ago, and fell into this trap. I saw all the coins going up and up, and shoved a load of money into it. I didn't fully realise I was just straight up gambling at the time. I lost a fortune doing this. Do not let anyone rope you into this - all the stories are the same as regular gambling - you don't hear about the miserable stories, only the unlikely success stories. In the steps for muting/filtering above - I also added words related to this: 'trading', 'b*tcoin' etc.

Good luck! I'm 2 years clean now, here's to the next 2.
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Game 3 ECF. Down 2-0 Vs Bucks. Lost all my money at Niagara casino then got email on the Safeway Tours bus back to TO that I won seats in a raffle, double OT win to make it a series. Busted the little inflatable stick guys 5 mins into the game. Hype night

Game 3 ECF. Down 2-0 Vs Bucks. Lost all my money at Niagara casino then got email on the Safeway Tours bus back to TO that I won seats in a raffle, double OT win to make it a series. Busted the little inflatable stick guys 5 mins into the game. Hype night submitted by BigBelly10 to torontoraptors [link] [comments]

Is this one of those virus emails from Moms in offshore casinos?

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Refuel Casino Free Bonus - instant deposit and cashout!

Refuel Casino Free Bonus - instant deposit and cashout!

Refuel Casino Free Spins & Cashback
Welcome to Refuel Casino, a brand new instant play online casino. No registration needed! Enjoy instant deposits and withdrawals 24/7! Get 10% cashback on all losses! Plus, enjoy exclusive free cash bonuses and free spins every day!
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Refuel Casino Review

Refuel Casino is a young online casino that does everything possible to make their service convenient and easy to use. Launched in 2019, the emphasis is on hassle-free gambling, end of. There are few frilly add-ons, no major plot twists, or attempts to be your quirky new best friend.
Refuel Casino is a pay and play casino that allows new customers to take part in a wide range of slots and table games within seconds. Well, in the spirit of Refuel Casino, let's cut out the fluff and get straight to it.

How to register with Refuel Casino

Refuel Casino aims to make the lives of online gamblers easier, and this philosophy extends to signing up for their service. Being a pay and play casino, registration is a little different to what you might usually find at a traditional online casino. To sign up at Refuel Casino simply follow these steps:
  1. Choose the number of dollars you would like to play with.
  2. Enter your contact phone number.
  3. Validate the deposit.
  4. Browse the range of games and start playing.
That's it, in a few moments you will be up and running. There is no need to register your full details, which among other things, minimizes the risk of personal data breaches. Users do have an account though, and by selecting 'Sign in Again' on return visits, Mr. Gold will send another activation code that you can use to access your account and any unused funds.
>> Get Free Bonus Gift <<

Refuel Casino Bonuses

Refuel Casino's business model means they do not dish out welcome bonuses, free spins, or bonus cash. Nor do they offer things like ongoing promotions or VIP programs. However, Refuel Casino’s customers do not miss out, and the site runs a rather generous cashback offer. In their own words, -' Winning is fun. Losing is boring.' As such, every Thursday Refuel Casino gives customers 10% Cashback on the previous week's total net loss. It couldn't be easier, and an active account is eligible with no wagering requirements attached. The only point to keep in mind is that the sum is based on wagers made on slots only - it does not apply to table games.

Games and Software

One of the best things about Refuel Casino from a player's standpoint is the huge range of over 1,500 casino games. As usual, slots are king here and make up the bulk of the selection, but there is also a bunch of table games on tap. This includes live gaming from eCOGRA certified providers Evolution Gaming.
In the slots category, software providers include innovative big names such as ELK, Pragmatic Play, NoLimit City, iSoftBet, and Relax Gaming, to name a few. The choices are pretty solid too with popular titles such as Barbarian Fury, Wild West Gold, Wolf Gold, Tombstone, and Mysterious among the well-stocked lineup. There is also a category dedicated to Jackpot Games where players can case down those larger one-off payouts.
>> Get Free Bonus Gift <<


Banking is just as streamlined at Refuel Casino, and they offer deposits in dollars which makes it ideal for Canadian gamblers. There are currently three ways that Canadian players can make financial transactions:
  • INTERAC: This service allows users to send money with an email address or mobile number securely. The minimum deposit amount with INTERAC is $10, and the maximum is $1,000.
  • INSTADEBIT: Allows deposits and withdrawals from any Canadian bank without the need to pre-register an account. The minimum deposit is $10, and the maximum is $500.
  • iDebit: Make online deposits through online banking, and there is no need for registering an account or a credit card. Like INSTADEBIT the minimum deposit amount is $10, and the max is $500.
In all instances, player deposits are processed immediately so gamblers can be spinning reels in moments. When it comes to withdrawals, there is a limit of CAD$10,000 per single transaction. Refuel Casino mentions that there may be a slight delay to withdrawals due to ID verification purposes. But the withdrawal process will not take longer than five days for Canadian players.

Customer Service

Anyone with a question or query for Refuel Casino can contact the provider via two methods. The first is Live Chat which is convenient but is more of a back and forwards email conversation rather than in a chatbox. The second way to contact the site is via email, which is better suited to non-time-sensitive queries. Refuel Casino's email address is – [email protected].


For players looking to get up and running with a licensed pay and play site, Refuel Casino is an excellent option – particularly for Canadian gamblers who can use their local currency. Signing up with the site could not be easier, and deposits are instantaneous, which means that new users can be playing games from top developers in a flash.
There might not be a welcome bonus or free spins up for grabs, but the generous 10% Cashback offer more than makes up any shortfall in that regard. Refuel Casino’s streamlined service combined with its stack of high-quality games from industry-leading developers makes it a very viable proposal that is quick, easy, and convenient to use.
>> Get Free Bonus Gift <<
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Day 115- gambling is not an income or a saviour

I try to do different types of reflections on here as I find it so helpful to get my thoughts out and I read most of the posts on here, everyones posts help me so much.
We are all united by our problem but have different motives and issues. Today I wanted to share a thought for those gamblers who are like me :
I did not gamble from boredom, I had plenty of other things to do. I did not care about the flashy lights, I did not care about the entertainment/shows at a casino. Emails with offers of bonus dollars didn't really matter to me. Someone kindly commented on one of my posts recently not to let the lure or the casino food bring me in, but I've never ate at a casino. I wasn't lonely, if anything I could barely keep up with my social commitments through family, friends, and colleagues. I loved my job and found it meaningful.
I can remember going to bingo a few years ago, in one of my worst gambling times, like it was a job. Back then I liked the 10PM because I felt less likely to be seen by someone I know. I remember laying in bed wanting to stay there reading or watching a show but getting back up to head to bingo.
So what I'm getting at here is that I know there are other gamblers who, like me, believe they are just trying to improve their finances. That feel like you're so screwed financially you may as well gamble. That there is no other way you'll get out of the mess. Maybe you are like me and were a financial dumbass in your late teens/early 20s and are recovering. Maybe you spent too much on an education that was a mistake. Got into debt leaving an ex. And if you're like me you might be mad and feel it's unfair and that there must be some luck coming your way to make it better. If you're like me you may not relate to some of the posts about feeling bored or lonely without gambling because it was a job to you.
But my post is to remind you (and myself!) that gambling is not the answer. It's not going to boost your income, it's going to destroy it. Gambling makes it impossible to budget. I hated that I loved learning about personal finance and budgets but it was impossible to put to use when gambling.
Gambling won't save you. Even if you win a good chunk one day, chances are you will lose that and more later over time.
So if you're reading this and can relate please join me in my journey to put all my effort into fixing my finances through budgeting, hard work and learning! Because I have finally accepted that I deserve a better financial life and gambling is not the answer.
Thanks for reading.
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day four

trying to keep active! logged into casino to withdraw money, did not gamble!!
casino emails galore , some urges.
stay strong everyone!
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Selling/buying big fish casino chips for cheap!Safe&real&fast! My email: [email protected]

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IVI Casino - get 20 free spins bonus without deposit!

IVI Casino - get 20 free spins bonus without deposit!

IVI Casino Gratis Spins
20 Free Spins No Deposit Required!!!!
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IVI Casino Review

IVI Casino is an exciting casino launched in 2018 that has gathered a loyal following thanks to its selection of high-quality online casino games from some of the best software providers on the planet. With thousands of options like slots, table games and roulette offerings, IVI Casino is a fun and modern place to play no matter your preference.
Read our review of IVI Casino to learn about a host of special offers, including free spins and no deposit bonuses.
  • Enjoy exciting no deposit bonuses and special promotions
  • Choose a wide range of slots from the best providers around
  • Test yourself against real dealers playing live roulette

IVI Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Without a doubt, one of the most appealing aspects we encountered in our review of IVI Casino is the quality of their bonuses and promotions. With these offers changing frequently to match the needs of each player, there is something for everyone at IVI Casino. Whether players are searching for a competitive welcome bonus offering great returns on your first deposit, or a thrilling free spins casino bonus, IVI Casino has a promotion to suit all tastes.
In our review of IVI Casino, we found that there are currently four exceptionally good promotions being offered by
(Free Spins Bonus)

Software and Other Games

IVI Casino boasts software from top tier providers like Microgaming, NetEnt, and Betsoft.
The games offered by IVI Casino are high quality and diverse, with table games such as Poker Pursuit and American Blackjack available in addition to many more titles. Live offerings found during our review of IVI Casino include Live Blackjack, Live Blackjack Gold and Live Baccarat. What’s more, there are several live roulette titles on offer at IVI Casino, with popular games such as Palace Casino Roulette, Oracle Casino Roulette and Portomaso Roulette all available.
Our IVI Casino review revealed there is also a wide variety of exciting table games on offer, giving players of all levels the opportunity to play for real money online. These include titles such as Craps, Poker Hold’em and more. In addition, the Scratch games at IVI Casino include Queen of GoldBingo Bonanza, Dawn of the Bread and Mumbai Magic, as well as many more.

Banking and Cashout

At IVI Casino, players can enjoy rapid deposit and withdrawal times and choose from a range of popular online payment options. For those players who prefer to use debit card or bank transfer, waiting times tend to be around 1-3 days. Although manual flushing is not currently available at IVI Casino, players can use online payment methods such as Skrill to deposit cash into their account.
(Gratis Spins Bonus)

Customer Support

Although IVI Casino does not currently offer phone support for customers, our review of IVI Casino found that their live chat feature is available 24/7, as is the IVI Casino email help team. With rapid response times and a helpful manner, our IVI Casino review team found the customer support to be excellent. What’s more, the mobile-friendly design makes live chat available from any device.

Our Verdict of IVI Casino: A Great All-Rounder!

Overall, our IVI Casino review found this to be an exciting online casino providing high-quality offerings from top tier software providers. With excellent welcome offers and promotions, IVI Casino offers great value for money to players of all experience levels and preferences. We found a combination of slick design with an unbeatably smooth gaming experience, with our experts rating this online casino very highly due to its excellent customer support.
Head to IVI Casino today to take full advantage of this high quality, diverse casino and its wide range of welcome offers and bonuses available to all players.
(No Deposit Bonus)
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Soi cầu XSMB 27/5/2020 – Dự đoán XSMB KU CASINO thứ 3

Soi cầu XSMB 27/5/2020 – Dự đoán XSMB KU CASINO thứ 3
Soi cầu XSMB 27/5/2020 – Dự đoán XSMB KU CASINO chủ nhật chuẩn xác tại KuCasino.Email. Dự đoán cầu lô XSMB VIP, soi cầu miền Bắc chính xác 100 hàng ngày.
Website: https://kucasino.email/soi-cau-xsmb/

Từ khóa: #ku, #kubet, #kucasino, #kucasinoemail, #ku777, #ku888, #ku999, #casino, #thienhabet, #kubetcasino
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Nạp tiền KU CASINO siêu tốc, đơn giản sau 5 phút

Nạp tiền KU CASINO siêu tốc, đơn giản sau 5 phút
Hướng dẫn nạp tiền KU CASINO, chuyển tiền vào tài khoản KU nhanh chóng sau 5 phút. Trong nội dung bài viết này, KuCasino.Email sẽ hướng dẫn hội viên cách gửi tiền từ tài khoản ngân hàng, hay ví điện tử vào tài khoản một cách nhanh chóng
Website: https://kucasino.email/
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Link KU CASINO – Tổng hợp link vào nhà cái KUCASINO mới nhất

Link KU CASINO – Tổng hợp link vào nhà cái KUCASINO mới nhất
Link KU CASINO – Tổng hợp link vào nhà cái KUCASINO mới nhất không bị chặn. KuCasino.Email là đại ly KUBET số 1 tại thị trường Việt Nam. Đăng ký KU dươi link của chúng tôi để nhận nhiều ưu đãi hấp dẫn.
Website: https://kucasino.email/link-ku-casino/

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KUBET – Toàn tập về nhà cái KUBET bạn cần biết

KUBET – Toàn tập về nhà cái KUBET bạn cần biết
KU CASINO ✅ ✅✅ Tặng thưởng lên tới 588k khi đăng ký. Nhà cái KUCASINO uy tín ✍️ KuCasino.Email -Trang web KU CASINO chính thức, chuẩn nhât 2020. Website: https://kucasino.email/
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Tải KU CASINO – Tải APP KU cho Android, iOS mới nhất

Tải KU CASINO – Tải APP KU cho Android, iOS mới nhất
Tải KU CASINO – Tải APP KU cho Android, iOS mới nhất KU CASINO ✅ ✅✅ Tặng thưởng lên tới 588k khi đăng ký. Nhà cái KUCASINO uy tín ✍️ KuCasino.Email -Trang web KU CASINO chính thức, chuẩn nhât 2020.
Website: https://kucasino.email/tai-ku-casino/

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Soi cầu XSMN 20/5/2020 – Dự đoán XSMN KU CASINO thứ 4

Soi cầu XSMN 20/5/2020 – Dự đoán XSMN KU CASINO thứ 4
Tải KU CASINO – Tải APP KU cho Android, iOS mới nhất KU CASINO ✅ ✅✅ Tặng thưởng lên tới 588k khi đăng ký. Nhà cái KUCASINO uy tín ✍️ KuCasino.Email -Trang web KU CASINO chính thức, chuẩn nhât 2020.
Website: https://kucasino.email/soi-cau-xsmn/

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Rút tiền KU CASINO nhanh chóng, 5 phút tiền về tài khoản

Rút tiền KU CASINO nhanh chóng, 5 phút tiền về tài khoản
Rút tiền KU CASINO nhanh chóng, bảo mật là vấn đề mà bất cứ hội viên KU nào cũng đều quan tâm. Bạn vừa chiến thắng những trò Casino, cá cược thể thao hay trúng lô đề ?. Vậy hãy cùng KuCasino.Email tìm hiểu cách thức chuyển tiền về tài khoản ngân hàng như thế nào nhé.
Website: https://kucasino.email/rut-tien-ku-casino/

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Soi cầu XSMT 19/5/2020 – Dự đoán XSMT KU CASINO thứ 3

Soi cầu XSMT 19/5/2020 – Dự đoán XSMT KU CASINO thứ 3
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Tải KU CASINO – Tải APP KU cho Android, iOS mới nhất KU CASINO ✅ ✅✅ Tặng thưởng lên tới 588k khi đăng ký. Nhà cái KUCASINO uy tín ✍️ KuCasino.Email -Trang web KU CASINO chính thức, chuẩn nhât 2020.
Website: https://kucasino.email/soi-cau-xsmt/

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Thienhabet – Nhà cái Thien Ha Bet đẳng cấp số 1 VN

Thienhabet – Nhà cái Thien Ha Bet đẳng cấp số 1 VN
KU CASINO ✅ ✅✅ Tặng thưởng lên tới 588k khi đăng ký. Nhà cái KUCASINO uy tín ✍️ KuCasino.Email -Trang web KU CASINO chính thức, chuẩn nhât 2020. Website: https://kucasino.email/ Từ khóa: #ku, #kubet, #kucasino, #kucasinoemail, #ku777, #ku888, #ku999, #casino, #thienhabet, #kubetcasino
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Mở khóa nạp tiền KU CASINO, tỷ lệ thành công 100%

Mở khóa nạp tiền KU CASINO, tỷ lệ thành công 100%
Mở khóa nạp tiền KU CASINO, tỷ lệ thành công 100% cho anh em hội viên. Tại sao tài khoản KU của bạn lại bị khoá chức năng nạp tiền ? Liên hệ với ai và cách mở khoá ra làm sao ? KuCasino.Email sẽ hướng dẫn chi tiết cho bạn chi tiết trong bài viết này.

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Đăng ký KU CASINO – Hướng dẫn tạo tài khoản KU CASINO

Đăng ký KU CASINO – Hướng dẫn tạo tài khoản KU CASINO
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Soi cầu xổ số hôm nay – Dự đoán KQXS 3 miền

Soi cầu xổ số hôm nay – Dự đoán KQXS 3 miền
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